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❤ For sale over on the EGL Sales Comm (and Lace Market later tonight!) Brand new, just arrived Baby the Stars Shine Bright Scarlet Primavera Waltz OP! :) 

Selling because I took a risk and bought it with the floral parts even though I hate florals, and it turns out my hatred of florals means I can’t get past the floral fabric/brooches on this piece despite the magnificence of the pastel ruffles!! >_> It really is stunning!! Comes with sash and floral brooches! 

All information can be found on the sales post on EGL Comm Sales, asking $1,100.00 which includes shipping anywhere and I’m open to negotiation of course! :) 



Irsee Abbey, Bavaria

The pulpit, in the shape of a Baroque ship’s prow

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I’m dreaming


愛宕神社入口。 Entrance to Atago Shrine.



My roommates left me in charge of decorating the bathroom for our Halloween party.

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Favourite Fashion: Alexander McQueen, Fall 2008 RTW





I love love that these are dark without being like ~twisted~ ~evil~ whatever portrayals.  Like, these are all straight-up moments from their stories but they’re haunting and sinister and wonderful.

Love these


Nice William taking his good doctor out on a romantic date. (◡‿◡✿)

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